CSOTD 12/11/2015: Christmas in love

It may seem hard to believe, but several times in this permanently single man’s life, I have been in mutual love during the Christmas season.  When that  happened, the greatest part of the season was being with that special woman. Oh, everything else great about Christmas seemed magnified, too. But even if all the other stuff was missing, it would have still been special.

The Christmas Song of the Day for December 11 is a joyful celebration of Christmas in love, from that rarest of holiday albums – one that consists of nothing but new songs.

By 1976, Roger Whittaker (born 1936) was an international superstar. In 1971, he had two big hits in England, “Durham Town (The Leavin’)” and “New World in the Morning.” Four years later, a single originally re-released by RCA’s Canada affiliate, “The Last Farewell,” became Whittaker’s biggest hit in the U.S. when it peaked at #19 in the spring of 1975.  The U.S. 45 retained its Canadian catalog number (PB-50030; American 45s of the era were in the 10000s).

Another year later, Whittaker released a 12-song Christmas album, unusual in that all of the songs were originals written either by him or specifically for him.  A Time for Peace: The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album was first issued in Canada on the Tembo label; it didn’t receive a worldwide release until 1978, the year that RCA picked it up for the U.S. By then, it was simply called The Roger Whittaker Christmas Album.

One of the songs on it is a celebration of the holiday season with that one you love, in a jaunty 6/8 time signature.  I’m sure I first heard it on the radio, but I then became re-acquainted with it on a Christmas album from the True Value Hardware chain, Happy Holidays, Volume 18 from 1983. You don’t hear this one on the radio very often, and it’s a shame. So celebrate the feeling of Christmas in love with “Christmas Is Here Again.”


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